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Text/Voice and Email
The best way to contact the Monte Verde RV Park is via text or voice calling the primary number listed below.

Please leave a message if we don't answer as we are a small business and wear many hats and may not be able to answer the phone immediately.

Additionally, the cell service can be finicky in the mountains. So if the main number doesn't go through, we can also be reached at one of the secondary numbers.
Same request applies, if we don't answer, please text or leave a voicemail.  

Primary:       575-377-3404
Secondary:  303-596-3935

Physical Location and PO Box

For USPS use our PO BOX to send or receive mail at the park.


For carrier deliveries (FedEx, UPS, etc.) use our physical address to send or receive parcels.

Note that some shippers do not recognize Hwy 434 in any of its many variations. If this happens, use Mountain View Blvd.

3521 Highway 434

PO Box 520

Angel Fire NM, 87710

As a last resort use:

General Delivery

3469 Hwy 434

Angel Fire, NM 87710

You will be able to pick up packages yourself from the post office if using this address. Make sure your name is on the package.

The RV Park's physical location is:

GPS Coordinates

LAT:    36.4237396

LON: -105.2979626

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